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When you buy a new car, there are some things that you just can not seem to keep new about it for more than a few days after driving off the lot. One of those things, of course, is that new car smell that every one of us cherishes when driving away in our brand new ride.

wipe new system as seen on tv
Well, there are plenty of options to take care of that, but even more of a quick escapee is that polished and gleaming showroom look that attracted you to your new car in the first place. Lots of people wish they could keep their car in that same pristine showroom shape, and wonder if there is some sort of secret the dealerships know that they do not.

Reclaim The New Car Look!

With Wipe New, you can show the dealers (and jealous friends and family members, as well as other car enthusiasts) a little secret of your own. With Wipe New’s innovative Nano polymer formula, Wipe New is designed to penetrate deep under layers of dirt, grime, or road debris on your car to help break down particles and restore that new car shine and luster you’ve been longing for since your first ride home from the dealership.
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Watch the Infomercial

Here is the infomercial for Wipe New, as seen on television. This gives you a quick overview of the product, how it works and the best uses.

Update 10/2/13: The makers of Wipe New have released a product geared toward Home use.
See the infomercial for Wipe New Home & Outdoor here:

Easy, Fast, Good As New

You do not need to be a car collector or mechanic to restore that new car glint to that rough-looking auto in your driveway. With Wipe New, which includes the patented Wipe New formula as well as cloth rags designed to treat your car’s surface gently while still removing tough stains and dirt, anyone can get that new car look back in just a few minutes on a sunny day.

wipe new restores the showroom shineWhile a car wash or a lawn hose might remove the mud or salt that every car can accumulate after a rainy day or a snow storm, only Wipe New is designed to not only clean off your car, but also restore and strengthen the shine and gleam of your car’s paint job. Instead of settling for a car that may not be dirty, but just a bit boring, you can make your auto back into the shining gem that caught your eye in the first place.

That’s not the only benefit of using Wipe New though. By adding that gleam to a used car or longtime family wagon, you can spruce up your car’s appearance before listing it for sale, without spending all that extra money taking it to a detail shop or car wash and paying for a service you can perform adequately in your own driveway.

Ordering Wipe New

Add some luster (and some cash value) to that rough-looking heap that’s been rusting in the yard, or touch up that new ride that you can’t believe has lost its gleam so fast. With the affordable and easy-to-use Wipe New, you can restore some pride in your ride and some shine to your car all at the same time, without leaving the comfort of your own home!

You can order your very own Wipe New system directly from Top TV Stuff for $29.99 with no shipping or handling fees. The product arrives within 3-4 weeks and comes with a 2-year money-back guarantee.

Wipe New Customer Service

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time.

Wipe New
Phone: 1-888-822-3570
Email: cs@wipenew.com

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