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Between the costs associated with many gyms and fitness centers, as well as the commitment and energy required on a frequent basis in order to help improve one’s look, most of us wish we had an easier way, a shortcut to improving our confidence without having to stretch a busy schedule. This isn’t a groundbreaking admission; one look at a stretch of late-night infomercials on any television station reveals an ever-expanding array of products claiming to help you lose weight, eat better, eat less, exercise more, and do it all easier than ever.Tummy Tuck

One product that seems to be getting a significant amount of attention in the body fitness infomercial world has been the Tummy Tuck Belt, which is designed to help slim your look while performing your daily routine or activities. Designed specifically around this concept of making self-improvement a part of your current routine, as opposed to requiring more of your time and energy, the Tummy Tuck Belt is another product that attempts to solve this problem, with a minimal bang to your wallet or pocketbook. In this week’s Try Before You Buy feature, we turn our rating system on the Tummy Tuck Belt to find out if it is really worth the effort.

Durability: 5/5

While the Tummy Tuck belt is not a product that can expect to see heavy use and stress, doing ab workouts could certainly raise the concern of tearing or stretching the product too much. Not the case with the Tummy Tuck belt, as we found after several weeks of use that the Tummy Tuck remained exactly as it had when coming out of the box. No issues of durability here.

Usefulness: 3/5

Like most writers, this one was a bit heavy around the midsection from too many hours sitting in front of keyboards surrounded by Red Bull and snacks. So the Tummy Tuck presented in interesting option for me, as I was intrigued by a device that could help me slim my look a bit while not requiring too much extra effort. The product definitely does this, allowing you to work on slimming your figure while requiring just a few minutes out of your daily routine. After two weeks, I did feel that I had “slimmed my look” quite a bit after looking at a before and after picture, but my weight had only gone down about a half pound. While the Tummy Tuck belt is not geared toward weight loss or fitness in other areas of your figure (and the product states as much when advertised), it was hard to decide whether the change I saw was psychological or actual slimming. As such, we have to stick with an indecisive rating until more use can be evaluated.

Coolness: 3.5/5

In terms of impressing your friends, we are not quite sure that telling them about your Tummy Tuck use will do the trick. Sure, the product itself is practical, but in terms of impressing others this is probably not the best option in the Top TV Stuff arsenal. That said, improving your figure with minimal extra effort is an option that appeals to any of us. So we’d recommend giving the Tummy Tuck belt a shot, and judging for yourself. As always, feel free to let us know about your experiences with the Tummy Tuck belt (good or bad) either in a comment on this blog, or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Ordering The Tummy Tuck Belt

You can order your very own Tummy Tuck Belt directly from Top TV Stuff for $54.99 with no shipping or handling fees. The product arrives within 2-6 weeks and comes with a money-back guarantee. So visit Top TV Stuff, and grab yourself one with our trusted free shipping policy today!

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One Response to “Try Before You Buy: Tummy Tuck Belt

  1. I bought the Tummy Tuck Belt about two years ago. Of course I never opened it up and it ended in the closet, intending to do it later.I also think I was a bit skeptical. I saw a commercial for it yesterday and it prompted me to dig it out and try it. The DVD was never opened and the belt never used with the thermo cream. To my disappointment the DVD does not work. Residue from the cardboard case was on the DVD and I was not able to get it off. That certainly could have been the case when I bought it originally. Is it possible to replace the DVD. I am of the opinion that a DVD should work whether opened in one day or one year and as stated could have been defective in the first place. I appreciate your attention and assistance in this matter and look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you!
    Maryann Juneau