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I swear you have to have the perfect physique to wear low rise jeans and get away with it. If you don’t know what I mean by “get away with it” you’re either in denial or you’re one of the minuscule percent of women who don’t experience almost indecent exposure when you bend over, reach up high or sit down.

Trendy TopLow rise jeans and other pants have a rather annoying habit of creating a muffin top if they slip down a bit, or they reveal just about everything you’re wearing (or not wearing) underneath when they slide down in the back. Fortunately the Trendy Top has a way to preserve your dignity while creating a slimmer silhouette and a classier look all at the same time.

What’s Trendy Top?
Trendy Top is an ultra-thin stretchy fabric band that goes around your middle, under your normal shirt. It’s essentially a tube top for your lower abdomen. When you put on the Trendy Top, it looks as though you’re wearing a thin cami under whatever shirt you’re actually wearing. This gives the illusion of wearing layers without actually adding any bulk to your outfit.

The thin layer of fabric not only rides across your hips, under your shirt but over your pants, to keep your skin covered discreetly, it also helps to smooth down the area, creating the illusion that you’ve lost more than a few pounds in your mid section as well.

Watch the Infomercial

Here is the official infomercial for Trendy Top, as seen on television. This gives you a quick overview of the product, how it works and the best uses.

How does Trendy Top work?
Trendy Top works as well as wearing a camisole or lightweight foundation garment under your shirt, but it doesn’t require you to actually wear two full layers of clothing – a blessing on a hot day or with already thick materials.

The ultra stretchy material is a band around your waist that moves when you move. It stays put when you sit down – simply stretch down over your lower back to hide the skin that is normally visible in low rise jeans. When you walk it stays in position and helps to cover your back and tummy when you reach up high or bend over to tie your shoe.

Do I need Trendy Top?
Trendy Top looks greatEvery woman will need to decide for herself if the Trendy Top is something that would be useful in her wardrobe. But if you’ve ever worn low slung jeans and spent the majority of your day yanking your pants up or your shirt down to try and keep skin in critical areas covered politely, you know just how frustrating it can be to look stylish but classy at the same time. Trendy Top makes it possible to do both easily – while smoothing out your lower belly at the same time.

Are there concerns about Trendy Top?
The reviews for the Trendy Top are totally favorable, fortunately. There are a few mentions that the Trendy Top feels tight when it’s worn, but since it’s supposed to stay in place on your body, this is totally normal. Thanks to the cotton blend that is used in the Trendy Top, the band around your waist does stay in place and is hardly noticeable after wearing it around for a bit.

When you first put the top on, you may notice the band’s presence since it will likely feel tighter than your shirt. But after awhile, you’ll notice the Top in a favorable way since you won’t have to yank your pants up or fix a creeping shirt any longer – and that can only be a good thing.

How should I order Trendy Top?
The Trendy Top is available through, of course, and when you order the Trendy Top, you’ll actually be ordering four separate tops in a variety of colors. With so many colors available, you’ll be able to match just about any outfit you own so that your look is always coordinated and classy. The colors included in a Trendy Top order are black, white, gray and beige. You get all four tops for less than $15 as well, making them a terrific deal.

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