Top TV Stuff Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Home Cooks

Trying to find a gift for that hard-to-shop for food-loving fabulous cook on your list? Top TV Stuff has you covered. With great prices, more than enough shipping time before the Christmas holiday and FREE SHIPPING, as well as fabulous customer service, no lines or parking hassles, the fact that they’re open 24/7 is just the icing on your perfect brownie!

Cook up some fun with this holiday season's best gifts for home cooksPerfect Brownie: “Life’s uncertain… eat dessert first”. In that spirit, check out the Perfect Brownie pan. A great gift for a dessert-loving family, the Perfect Brownie pan removes all argument over who gets the corner pieces. No messy knives to cut, no unevenly cut pieces, and a non-stick coating so you don’t have to pre-grease the pan. Buy it for the brownies, love it for the Rice Krispies® treats you can make. For $19.99 you get the pan that makes 18 perfect brownies, a Gooey & Chewy cookbook and 10 decorative stencils to make every batch picture perfect and delicious.

Ogreenic Pan: You may say buying someone a non-stick frying pan is the opposite of an emotionally charged gift, but then, you may never have owned an Ogreenic ceramic pan. Not only can it make healthy, delicious meals in minutes with scrub-free clean-up, it comes with an easy-to-follow recipe book for dozens of romantic brunches, lunches, dinners and desserts. Nothing says “I love you” like an invitation to share many future healthy meals to come.

Perfect Meatloaf: Always juicy, never dry, meatloaf is easy to make but hard to perfect. At least it is if you don’t use the Perfect Meatloaf pan. For $27.99, you get two sets of pans — one to gift and one to keep for yourself! The no-stick surface and lift-out lining drains away fat and makes clean-up a snap! Share and enjoy!

Yoshi Blade Ceramic Knife: The ceramic Yoshi Blade is a pretty sharp and manly gift for the guy chefs in your life. Precise and sharp, the Yoshi Blade set can replace a whole drawer full of knives. For $30.99, you get two sets — one to give and one to keep. In return, you get a grateful home cook who wants to cook you a thank you meal!

Edge of Glory: Another sharp gift with a price you’ll love — the $6.99 knife sharpener from TopTVStuff can restore old dull knives to glory and create happy gift recipients without breaking your bank. Anyone who loves to cook knows what a pain it is to get knives sharpened and how difficult it is to work with dull knives. Give the Edge of Glory as a gift and you can sharpen old acquaintances and hone dull relationships to a fine point.

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