Snuggie Blanket Review

It may be the most recognizable, and widely loved, product featured in the As Seen on TV universe today. The Snuggie, the full-sized body-enveloping blanket/robe combination that has become a staple in households across the country, is an easy answer to folks who have been looking for a solution to cold nights in their drafty living room or bedroom.

snuggie as seen on tv
Available in a wide variety of colors, with an endlessly growing array of designs, logos, and images for those of you who want your Snuggie to represent something you love, the Snuggie has become the affordable and comfortable alternative to heavy blankets or unfashionable robes.

Functional & Fun

The genius of the Snuggie is its combination of comfortable fabric and functional design. With its wide and open sleeves, you can wear your Snuggie while reading your favorite book, typing on your laptop, doing your homework, or just having a glass of wine while watching TV. While the Snuggie is designed to fit and cover your whole body from head to toe, your feet are also left free, so you can move around, clean up, and cook dinner, all while warm and wrapped up in your Snuggie. Snuggies are easy to clean, easy to fold or hang to store, and can be shared with other members of the family too (unless, of course, you decide you don’t feel like sharing your Snuggie with others. It happens more often than you think).

So what’s the best thing about Snuggie, if you are not already convinced and ready to warm up with one yet? Through Top TV Stuff’s web store, you can pick up a Snuggie for yourself for only $9.99, much less than an expensive cloth or silk bathrobe or most pajamas. Along with that, you can take advantage of the free shipping services offered through Top TV Stuff as well.

Watch the Infomercial

Here is our video review for the infomercial product Snuggie, as seen on television. This gives you a quick overview of the product, how it works and the best uses.

A Great Gift For Anyone!

Whether you live in a cold, cold climate and are looking for a new way to stay warm, or if you want a great gift that anyone from a friend, to a family member, to a boss, to your favorite teacher can enjoy? Snuggie is the best of both worlds, a great and functional product that can be yours today for a low, low price, because who wants to hurt their paycheck just to stay warm?

Snuggie is a great gift for anyoneAnd why stop with just one? With Snuggie’s great low price, and the seemingly endless array of color combinations and customized designs, Snuggie can be a great collectible, or something to buy for your whole family. Sports fans? Buy a set of your favorite team Snuggies, complete with giant logos to keep you warm while you watch the game. Love a certain movie or television show? There are tons and tons of Snuggies featuring your favorite TV or movie characters, as well as comic book heroes and other popular trends.

Ordering The Snuggie

Make anyone in your family happy for their next birthday present or Christmas gift by picking up a Snuggie (or two or three) from Top TV Stuff today!

You can order your very own Snuggie directly from Top TV Stuff for $9.95 with no shipping or handling fees. The product arrives within 2-6 weeks and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With their Buy-One-Get-One offer, you get more ways to change up the look of your home this summer!

Snuggie Customer Service

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time. You can also check your order status 24 hours a day at

PO Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494

Official Website:
Phone: 1-866-642-6881

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