Is Rabbit TV For You?

Rabbit TV is a USB stick that provides free access to Internet television. The Rabbit TV USB gives users access to over 5,000 Internet TV stations and more than 9,000 radio stations. There is no installation or monthly fee associated with Rabbit TV and you can use it at home, hotels, or any other place with Internet access! The Rabbit TV USB allows you to watch TV as much as you want and whenever you want so long as there is Internet.

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Why should I try Rabbit TV?

The Rabbit TV USB is great because it provides you all those channels that you may want, but don’t get with basic cable and there is no monthly fee! If you’re really bored you can easily use the Rabbit TV USB to access any of the 5,000 channels or over 9,000 radio stations and occupy your time for hours. And what’s more, you don’t have to worry about taking up any memory on your computer because Rabbit TV does not install any software it only acts as a type of key to the Rabbit TV Guide!

Is it Easy to Use?

Anyone who knows what a USB port is should be able to figure out this device. The simplicity and utility of this product is undeniable. For $10 a year the Rabbit TV USB is a complete steal. Rabbit TV provides a great one-stop location to occupy your time or switch up your everyday television watching.


Where Can I Get It?

We recommend getting Rabbit TV from our online store, for just $10 and FREE SHIPPING! Click here to view the product page in our shop.


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