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I get ridiculously excited for new kitchen equipment and I consider myself an authority on the subject because … well… I use a lot of kitchen equipment and I use it often. So there. And it just so happened that I was in need of a new nonstick pan and hadn’t gotten around to purchasing one yet. For these reasons and a strong dislike for running errands, I was excited to have the chance to review the 10” Orgreenic Ceramic Saute Pan. I had read some great reviews of the Orgreenic Cookware line but I needed to try it for myself.

I received this item to review but had I purchased it I would have been pleased with the price – a 10” Orgreenic Ceramic Saute Pan for $19.99 and no shipping fees. I have paid much higher in stores for pans claiming to be non stick, only to have them work once and then every subsequent use resulted in having to scrape food out of the frying pan. Also included when you order the Orgreenic Pan is the Orgreenic Fast & Easy Recipe book. I am a dork and I always read every piece of literature that comes with a product I buy, so I naturally browsed through the cookbook. It contains a ton of recipes that all sound delicious!

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Per the package instructions on the 10” Orgreenic Saute Pan, I seasoned the pan prior to using it. To do this you simply use a little bit of vegetable oil to coat the entire green cooking surface of the pan and then set it on the stove at medium heat. When you start to see the oil smoke, remove the pan to cool and then wipe the remainder of the oil out.

The first dish I decided to make in the Orgreenic Pan was a fried egg. I felt this would be a true test of the pan’s abilities, because anyone who has cooked a fried egg knows that for it to come out just right you need it to NOT stick to the pan. The egg came out perfectly (obviously all the credit can’t go to the pan – I *am* a great egg cook). The first time I did not use any oil, butter or cooking spray, since that is the company’s claim, but on subsequent cooking experiments I used a little bit of olive oil because I prefer the taste – same great results from the pan and I will note, I needed less oil than I would have used in a standard store-bought pan.

Since the first fried egg, I have used the Orgreenic Ceramic Pan to bake, broil and of course saute. And I have been pleased with the results each time. The fact that the Orgreenic Cookware products can withstand any temperature in the oven is a bonus.

Another reason I am pleased with the Orgreenic Pan vs other nonstick pans, is the lack of harmful coating on the surface of the pan. I take comfort in knowing that I am not cooking a harmful chemical into my family’s dinner. And the pan is very easy to clean – since nothing sticks to it, all you need to do is rinse it with warm water and wipe clean.

With any purchase I make (especially on a tight budget) I look for quality and value for the price. I feel like the Orgreenic Ceramic Pan delivers on both of those. And the Orgreenic Cookware line comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Thanks for the great Orgreenic pan review, Natalie!

Fine Print Font Size Rating – 96 pt: No secrets here. Since this is available through our store, you know you pay no shipping fees. You will get one 10” Orgreenic Ceramic Saute Pan plus the Fast & Easy Recipe Guide for $19.99.

Do you have specific questions about Orgreenic Cookware? Have you already ordered the Orgreenic Ceramic Saute Pan and would like to know the status of your order? Here Orgreenic’s customer service information:

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time.

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13 responses to “Orgreenic Cookware Review

  1. I bought this pan in a store. Big mistake! It works for about 2 weeks, after that (no matter how gently you wash it) any food that touches it sticks dead to the surface. Lifetime of this pan is about 2 weeks without oil and another 2 weeks with oil and than you have to throw it away – it’s unusable.

  2. My dutch oven pan has started to lose the coating from the bottom of the pan. Who do you contact? Can not the manufacturer’s web site. Was never able to season the pans as the instructions said to wait for oil to smoke. Oil never did smoke. Nothing has stuck to the pans until last night. Had to soak the skillet for 5 minutes to loosen the remains of a steak that was fried in the 12 inch skillet. My husband paid way too much for this set. He bought it only about 6 weeks ago and they are already not doing what they are advertised to do. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

    • Hi Pan – You can reach the Orgreenic people at: 1-800-777-4034. They should be able to help you. Good luck!

  3. This pan is crap!! At Christmas I bought one for each of my nephews, who love to cook, and one for myself (I’m a terrible cook!) I read about ‘seasoning’ the pan which was hard to do since the oil just pooled at the bottom but I used a paper towel to ensure I had some oil coating the entire green surface. I waited until it began smoking, took it off the heat and let it cool. Then I wiped it down. I didn’t actually cook anything on it until two days later – scrambled eggs. What A Mess!! The eggs stuck EVERYWHERE! I had to soak the pan AND scrub it. I didn’t use an abrasive because I didn’t want scratch the surface. It took me almost 15 minutes to get it clean. Three days later I tried again. First I reoiled the pan as I was certain I had scrubbed off whatever ‘seasoning’ I had done originally. I used more oil to be sure the surface was coated. THE OIL BURNED and streaked on the pan!!! Still, I let it cool for an hour, wiped it as clean as I could (oil streaking was still there) and tried scrambled eggs again. It was worse than before! I couldn’t get it completely clean with just soap and a non-abrasive sponge. I wish I could post pictures here because I have two of them! Wondering if it was just me I asked my nephews about their usage. Both finally told me that they had thrown their pans away having had the same problems I did! They hadn’t told me about it since they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Sweet kids but I feel like a fool for believing those stupid commercials. I agree with Pam Cordes – DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS!!

    FYI – since I bought these at Bed, Bath & Beyond the Orgreenic company won’t hold to the guarantee!

    • Hey – Jena , if you bought it at bed bath and beyond they will take your return they are pretty good to their customers,I’ve taken a few back to them and had no problem.Good luck

  4. I too was happy the first few times I used this pan but after a few times food started to stick and the pan lost its coating. I still use it with a little oil but it always has areas that the food sticks to requiring a soaking and extra effort to get it clean. I’m really disappointed in this product. I have not been able to find a website to send my concerns to. I wonder if it is safe to continue using it as it appears to be pitted at the edges around the sides of the pan.

    • Hi Janet,
      Visit the Orgreenic Customer Service page at for info on how to contact Orgreenic and ask about the safety of your pan since you mention it was pitted at the edges.
      In terms of the sticking, that’s an easy fix. I found my Orgreenic pan was sticking in places as well, then recalled the instructions I followed to season the pan before first use. I tried seasoning it again, and it works just as well as it did when I first got it! Check out this how-to video I found in case you discarded your instructions like I did!
      Happy Cooking!

  5. I had the pan for six months,after four months Bacon and also eggs and home fries would stick to the pan.I tried to re season it again and still not any better.Called the company and they said it is guaranteed for life send it back to Calif.with a check for $8.00 and they will send a new one.If I do that it will coat me total of $18.00 for shipping and I can buy the a new one for $19.00.This doesn’t make sense to go through the shipping hassle.They probably pay $8.00 in China for them.