Orgreenic Ceramic Pan Review

Orgreenic™ – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Okay, I’m not actually in love with a frying pan, because that would be silly (or would it?) But since receiving my Orgreenic ceramic coated saute pan, I’ve fallen back in love with cooking. I’ll tell you why… I hate to clean more than I love to cook. The thought of wiping grease splatters off of my stove top, backsplash and countertop stops me from making fried eggs, turkey bacon, chicken Milanese, and seared scallops.

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Healthier, Cleaner Cooking

When I received my sample Orgreenic pan and saw all the things I could cook up without oil, I had renewed energy to cook. As soon as I removed the pan from the box, I followed the instructions and heated the pan with a little oil until it started to smoke. That seasoned the pan and readied it for cooking. I wiped off the oil and almost left the pan to cool. “As long as it’s hot,” I figured, “why not make some pancakes.” So I broke out the Aunt Jemima mix, just added water, like the recipe said, disregarded where the recipe said to butter the surface of the pan, and poured in the batter. Instantly, the batter fluffed up and began to bubble. A good sign for pancakes. I flipped it and behold, the perfect light, fluffy, perfectly cooked pancake! My only sadness is that the pan is only 10″ so I can’t use it to make several pancakes at once.

After the pancakes came the bacon and scrambled egg with cheese. Both came out perfectly delicious without using any fat. I was hooked and my family had a great breakfast!

For dinner, I sauted a chicken breast seasoned only with herbs and again was so happy with the results. Not only did I have healthier dishes cooked without fat, I also had a splatter-free cooking space.

All this and recipes, too!

I’m looking forward to branching out my repertoire and trying some of the many recipes that came with the accompanying cookbook. While most free cookbooks contain a handful of recipes, this one is a full-length cookbook with a wide variety of delicious sounding dishes I can make with my lovely green ceramic coated saucepan.

What puts the GREEN in Orgreenic?

The green certification means that there’s no chance of harmful chemicals or surface materials leaking into my food. Another feature to note: the green-hued ceramic coating means I can use any utensil to flip or stir my food without worrying that it will scratch the surface or destroy the coating.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my new pan and recipe book and my only regret is that it’s not bigger than 10″.

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  2. Looks like just the pan I’ve been looking for. I always get so tired of everything sticking when I cook; even in what are supposed to be quality pans.