Instagrip Review: does it stand up to claims

The worst thing about living in an apartment is the ban against putting things on the walls. You can’t use nails, you can’t use staples and you certainly can’t use glue. It’s like living in a white box – or it can be if you don’t have a clever solution. Instagrip™ may just solve this problem, however, since it will hold any number of things in place and it doesn’t leave a mark on the walls or peel the paint.

Not just useful for hanging pictures on the wall, Instagrip has other uses as well including holding items securely on tables, scrapbooking or virtually anywhere you’d normally use tape or glue. You can even use it to hold rugs in place – and we all know there is nothing better than a versatile solution to household problems.

Tape marks walls. Nails leave holes. Try Instagrip for mark-free hanging.

The gripping truth about Instagrip

I was only recently introduced to Instagrip, and I’m fascinated. It reminds me a lot of the little hooks that hang on the wall with the specialized adhesive, but in this case you can just use the adhesive for anything you want – no hooks required! Instagrip is a special sort of adhesive that resembles tape, but is reusable and doesn’t leave a residue behind. Instagrip is available in different sized tapes as well as sheets that you can cut and arrange to the size that you need.

Why you should try Instagrip

How many times have you wanted to fasten something up or hold something in place only to realize that you don’t have the right tools for the job? With Instagrip’s FlexGrip technology, it can hold all sorts of things for you. It can keep place mats from slipping on your table. It can keep the corners of your rugs from flipping up. It will also help you hang up things on the walls without violating your lease agreement – and that’s always a good thing!

Instagrip What others are saying about Instagrip

The reviews I’ve found online have all been overwhelmingly positive. The tape not only seems to work, but the advertising for the product has gotten high remarks from sources like The SciMark Report, which is pretty good about calling out faulty products or spotty advertising products. Best of all, the Instagrip(TM) tape is straightforward, and simple often means that a product is much more likely to be effective since there is less to go wrong and there are no outrageous claims.

Considerations for Instagrip

The only negative information I’ve found for Instagrip is in relation to the ordering. A prior promotion on another website included a free second batch of Instagrip that required additional shipping and handling. Since I’m not interesting in ordering on other websites, this is essentially a baseless concern. You can order Instagrip right here at TopTVStuff for FREE SHIPPING and NO HANDLING CHARGES, even if you order 2, 3, 4 or more at a time!

Order Instagrip™

Ordering Instagrip through TopTVStuff is simple and straightforward – much like the product itself. One kit of Instagrip tape including one giant roll and one mini roll of tape as well as two sheets of product that you can cut to size are all included for $17.99. Best of all there is no cost for shipping, which means there are no hidden costs – always desirable!

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