Hot Buns Hair Accessories Review

“Simply roll, wrap and snap” is it really that easy to pull my hair up into a stylish bun without pins? It is with Hot Buns.

Hot BunsI rarely wear my hair in a bun because buns either turn out lopsided, flat or messy. When my editor suggested I check out Hot Buns, I figured it was worth a try. As a fashion and beauty writer, I have written scores of how-to articles and interviews with top stylists, so I do know my way around hair products!

What is Hot Buns?

Hot Buns Hair Accessories are a combination of accessory (because you keep them in) and tool (because they set your style invisibly). Hot Buns make it easy to roll your hair into a lasting updo or half-do that stays put until you take it out. No pins needed!

A little-known bonus use of Hot Buns: when you take your hair out of the bun, you get a great wave or curl to your hair! So comfortable, you can sleep in it, you can actually set your hair into a bun at night and wake up to gorgeous waves, or wear a bun all day, then let your hair down for a great day-into-evening transformation.

Watch the Infomercial

Here is the official infomercial for Hot Buns, as seen on television. This gives you a quick overview of the product, how it works and the best uses.

How to use Hot Buns

Roll, Snap and WrapWhen creating an updo, it usually helps to start with dry hair, preferably a few hours or a full day after washing it. To start, brush out any knots. Your first time using Hot Buns, it helps to gather your hair and secure it with an elastic. Open the Hot Buns Stalk and place it at the end of your hair, then roll in toward your scalp. Snap the Hot Buns ring closed and fan the hair along the ring, covering it with your hair. As you get more experienced and are looking for looser hairstyles, omit the elastic band. You can try different looks with half-do’s, full-updo’s, wrapping your bun with braids or wrapping a strand of hair around it.

For lasting curls instead of a bun, wrap wet hair around the Hot Buns ring and let air dry or blow-dry your bun and spray before releasing it.

Hot Buns vs. The Competition

I’ve seen other bun wraps in stores but hadn’t tried any. I figured this was the best time to check them out! The bun wraps I found at the drugstore and hair accessories stores were puffy — too puffy. I wasn’t 7 years old or preparing for opening night as a Prima Ballerina , so I didn’t need all that “pouff” for my bun. The bun wraps in the stores also didn’t have a solid “snap” to hold the bun in place. This point is really key for me — because Hot Buns keeps your hair just where you put it for a no-fuss, worry-free style that stays in place until you take it out. The competition was much more difficult to roll into place and impossible to secure without bobby pins.

I tried the small Hot Buns hair accessory on my 11-year-old daughter who had just dip-dyed the ends of her hair in Kool-Aid. She wanted to create a half-updo and showcase her hot pink feathery ends. We wrapped part of her hair in the small accessory, then took two loose strands of hair and wrapped them around the bun in opposite directions, letting the pink “feathers” stick up. We secured the ends with tiny bobby pins, and the effect was really fun!

Ordering Hot Buns

You can order Hot Buns Hair Accessories directly from Top TV Stuff for $14.99 with no shipping or handling fees. Product arrives within 2-6 weeks and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With their Buy-One-Get-One offer, you get  with fabulous, unique ways to amp up your style, plump up your buns (yup, I went there with a buns joke), and change up your look. Each order comes with 2 small (for short hair & half-up styles), 2 medium (for classic, any-occasion buns), and 2 large (for full glamorous buns).

Hot Buns Customer Service

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Time. You can also check your order status 24 hours a day at

Hot Buns
PO Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494

Official Website:
Phone: 1-866-518-2290

Purchase Hot Buns

80 responses to “Hot Buns Hair Accessories Review

    • I agree.
      There is no way to review your order. It just goes to the next screen & you have ordered.
      Your site says free shipping….which isn’t true
      it says…not available in stores….not true!! I saw them in my local Walmart yesterday! :(
      I want to cancel my order also. 320372709

      • Hi Kristin – I can’t cancel your order – you didn’t order from Top TV Stuff. You ordered from the Hot Buns website directly. Their customer service number is: 877-884-2948

      • i have a question, last year i ordered the bunit that looks to be the same as these and they were never sent to me.when i called the number on my order confirmation they said they were back ordered,then when i still didn’t get them i called the same number again and was told there was no such company at that number.this was june 2012. is there anything i can do about this,i still have a copy of my order confirmation?

        • Hi Jeanette – We only recently got the Hot Buns on our website, so I have no way of tracking down your order from last year. My guess is that you should be able to find the website you ordered from using Google and they should have a Customer Service link on the bottom of the page. Hopefully that helps!

          • i found the website but you can only contact them through the number i already had and now it is no longer in service.but on my confirmation it says that it was powered by top tv stuff. so i guess i got scammed out of my money.

          • Hm – that’s weird because we still work with them on a regular basis. Here’s the number I found for them: 866-971-4080- is it the same number you had?

          • Hi Jeanette – I’m all out of ideas for you. I haven’t heard anyone else encounter this problem and when I tested the phone number it was the accurate number for their customer service department. sorry I can’t help more.

  1. I just ordered this it was supposed to be 10.00 fir 2 with a 7.95 shipping andhandlingthenthe second set was supposed to be free with 7.95 shipping at the end itsaid71.00 I’m canceling through my bank in the morning since this is truly a rip off and I can’t talk to a customer service person !!!! I’malso writing the better business bureau to complain!!

    • Hi Charlotte – Actually, if you use our link and order from, you’ll see that the product is $14.99 with NO shipping through Top TV Stuff. On their official website ( you can see that the price is $10 PLUS shipping on both the main offer and the free set – so you end up paying $25.90. Looks like you didn’t order from us, you ordered from their page. I can’t help with that piece, though you can try their customer service department: 877-884-2948

  2. Yes! It is a rip off. They charged me more than what they said and they don’t give you their TRUE price details until AFTER they have completed the order. I’m working with the bank to dispute this purchase!

    • Hi Laura – Top TV Stuff has a full order review in a traditional shopping cart experience. You didn’t order from our site, it looks like you ordered from their Official Website. If you use the link in the review, you’ll see that the product is $14.99 with NO shipping through Top TV Stuff. On their official website ( you can see that the price is $10 PLUS shipping on both the main offer and the free set – so you end up paying $25.90. Looks like you didn’t order from us, you ordered from their page. I can’t help with that piece, though you can try their customer service department: 877-884-2948

  3. This is a complete scam. They claim $7.95 S&H and don’t give you the ‘real’ charge until after the order has gone through.

    I ordered one set and was charged almost $20 S&H AFTER I had approved $7.95. They give you no way to cancel the order or contact them on their website – no phone, no email – and the confirmation email address that they send after the order is an unmonitored account.

    I will be sending a charge back with American Express, and filing a complaint with the BBB.

    Buyer beware.

    • Hi Cytherea – Top TV Stuff has a full order review in a traditional shopping cart experience. You didn’t order from our site, it looks like you ordered from their Official Website. If you use the link in the review, you’ll see that the product is $14.99 with NO shipping through Top TV Stuff. On their official website ( you can see that the price is $10 PLUS shipping on both the main offer and the free set – so you end up paying $25.90. Looks like you didn’t order from us, you ordered from their page. I can’t help with that piece, though you can try their customer service department: 877-884-2948

  4. I have a number but it says they wont be in until tomorrow the number Im going to call is 1-866-518-2290 I had better get in touch with this place tomorrow during work I cant believe they rip people off like this I never was able to even say no to the charges it said 10.00 then I had to say no to a couple other things and the next thing I knew it said 71.80 cents I thought 10.00 was to much but my twelve year old really wanted to try it !! This is frustrating to say the least . I cant dispute it with my bank until the charge shows up and with Tuesday being a holiday that may mess things up too!!!

  5. 320930829 – Cancel this order. Not happy with the purchase process. Postage and handling Charges are ridiculous. You do not even give anyone the option to review the order before it is finalized. This is diffidently a SCAM!!! If you send the product, I will have the charges reversed out by my bank!

    • Hi La Donna – we actually don’t charge ANY shipping at Top TV Stuff. You didn’t order from our site, it looks like you ordered from the Hot Buns Official Website. If you use the link in the review, you’ll see that the product is $14.99 with NO shipping through Top TV Stuff. On their official website ( you can see that the price is $10 PLUS shipping on both the main offer and the free set – so you end up paying $25.90. Looks like you didn’t order from us, you ordered from their page. I can’t help with that piece, though you can try their customer service department: 877-884-2948

  6. I want you all to know that this product is crap I got my order all they are is a long brillow pad and it is cheeply made the snap is not as shown on this add or on t.v. it rips your hair out and it didn’t come with a insturction dvd it comes with a piece of paper showing you how to roll it and thats all. Also it is such a cheep plastic brillow it is falling apart and the brillow has long snags already pulling out. It doesn’t matter who you order this product from its very bad for your hair. I’m a professional stylist and this is not good for your hair the commercial shows the people just sliding it out of their hair not true these are people who have been trained to make it look easy and its not. It doesn’t matter who you order through its not worth your time or money. I’m sending my brillowo pads back.Lol. Do not buy its a great dissapointment. And if I don’t get all my money back I will be using the BBB and my bank to send them a scam notice to refund the total price. And do not let them send you a return lable or they will tell you less ship and handling on the official site. I don’t know about how Top TV Stuff handles returns but return the brillow pad made bun rollers. I will keep you all informed as to how things go. Once again not a safe hair product it distroys your hair and its made in China super cheep. Stick with the old foam ones you can get at Salley’s or make your own.

  7. I have an up date for you all. I a professional Stylist I had to lose over four inches of my beautiful long hair due to the damage it did to my hair I had to pay my personal stylist $50.00 to cut out the brillow pad,this is what I call it, and now I have broken, ripped levels of hair. I had all one length hair I never had hair damagage like this in my whole life. I have been talking with the company who backed this product. This person admitted to me that they never saw this product personally. I got a call back from said person and was told that this issue will be brought to the companys attention and to the creator. How far it will go who knows. But do not use it is what this person said after they inspected it. This is a invention flop. It will take years to grow back the broken levels to the very long length I once had.

  8. Well called up to return this product from the official web site, and this is what I was told . I have to pay the return shipping then on top of that I do not get a full refund even though I have to pay the return shipping cost. They are only giving me back $10.00 so basically they made the total price of $15.90 plus what I paid to ship back which cost me $8.00. so all in all the official web site orders your spending more to return it then the cost of the purchase price. If you are going to order this seriously bad hair product buy through this web site. I have called the BBB they are going to investigate the product and return process. Do not buy this over sized brillow pad which attacks your hair like velcro to your hair. I have been ripped off by the best con job so far.

  9. DO NOT ORDER THESE! That customer service line DOES NOT WORK, Hotbuns is a SCAM and they have a nonexistant customer service line, I am having to cancel my bank card,and wait 5 days to get a new one all because of this horrible swindeling company. I will be reporting HotBuns to the BBB.

    • Hi Tori – I’m sorry you had so much trouble. I have an updated Customer Service number for them that they just provided because we let them know there were issues with the number they have on hand. That phone number is: 866-971-4080. I’d like to confirm that you are referring to Hot Buns as a “horrible swindling company” – we have full access on our Facebook page to our fans and answer all concerns as quickly as possible. Most of the issues we handle are actually from the Hot Buns website directly and not our own Top TV Stuff website – where we have a full order review process on the shopping cart and no shipping charges.

  10. I had the same experience that many of you had with the Hot buns website. I ordered and after saying no to numerous other crappy things the next thing I know I have order confirmation and a whopping price of 71.80. I freaked but waited until the next business day, went into the status site and cancelled the order. I then called customer service, they were very polite and placed the correct order for me. It’s 10 dollars for 1 set with a second set free. They charge 7.95 s&h for each set. I ended up being charged 25.oo. The only rip off I have seen on this so far is how much the shipping is. These things weigh next to nothing but eh, you get what you get. Just be careful and don’t order through their website!!

  11. I just bought these and it cost exactly what was said.. 14.99.. I am not sure where everyone is getting they are being ripped off because it showed me my price three times before I even paid and THEN offered me a printable receipt with the same information.. and shipping was free..

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jessika :) I think a lot of people confuse us with some of our partner websites and the prices and shipping tend to not be as clear. Thanks for speaking up on our behalf!

  12. It has been three weeks and still no shipment. According to my order doesn’t exist. They managed to find it to email me and bill it.

  13. I placed my order on 01/08/13. However, they haven’t debited my credit card account yet? Typically, when I have ordered from other sites online, I was able to see the transaction within 24 hours.
    1 more question. It seems that the hot buns are being shipped from
    Wallingford, CT 06494. I live in Worcester MA, which is only a couple of hours away from CT. Does that mean that it will still take 3-6 weeks for me to receive the order?!

  14. I placed my order earlier this week, and haven’t seen my account debited. The getorderstatus website doesn’t work, not does the phone number.

  15. I want to chime in and agree with the others. What a rip off. A $10 set of these things is going to cost over $28 due to shipping and handling and I wasn’t told until the order had gone through. This is just another example of how you cannot trust anyone. Hot buns people, YOU SUCK! These things better work miracles with my hair.

  16. By the way, it was the hotbuns website. I cannot believe I was so stupid. Now I am reading in these comments they will rip my hair out. I just threw away almost $30. I am so displeased.

    • This will be my last time to write. I am sorry all of this is showing up on your site when it is the Hotbuns website that is the problem. The thing is that from Google, this comes under Hotbuns Hair Accessories review. When somebody has just come from the Hotbuns ordering process (having been scammed) and sees that link, it is just ON at that point. I feel that is why so many people are not realizing that they are complaining on another company’s site. In closing, it does look like the hotbuns website has the option to cancel the order (once you go to check your order status). They even offered me a $5 discount at that point. Of course I said NO!

      • Thanks for replying and clearing it up :) We have had our name pulled from some of our partner websites to avoid confusion. Hopefully this will help. I’m glad you were able to cancel your order!

  17. I am disappointed I ordered 2 sets for a gift and to my surprise the cost was 51.80 however that is not the worse I checked my bank statement and was changed 77.71. Really this is a rip off. I will have my bank cancel this order.
    They advertised one thing and charge another.

  18. I called 866-971-4080, and I was able to speak to a live person. I was told that my order is back-ordered, and is going to ship on 02/16, and that is, only if they get the item back in stock by then. This is ridiculous. It will take over 1 month to get this tiny hair thingy. Also, when I questioned the fact that my account hasn’t been debited yet, I was told that it will reflect my account once the order ships out…. I wish I never ordered from this site…

    • Hi Altec – We don’t handle the shipping for Hot Buns, so don’t have insight into their inventory or backordered items. Thanks for letting us know this is so backordered! If it has not been debited yet and has not shipped, couldn’t you just cancel it with the customer service agent?

      • Hi Amy. I actually placed my order through this site, & not from ….. Can you tell me why this happened ?!!

        • I’m not sure what you mean – can I tell you why the long shipping time happened? We actually don’t handle the shipping for Hot Buns. We send them the orders and they process the orders and ship the items.

          • What I mean is that I placed my order directly from and not from their official site…. So r u saying that my item is being shipped by them, although, I didn’t place my order through them?!! This, just doesn’t make any sense to me..

          • Yes – we take your order and send it to them. We have a partnership with them where we can get products at reduced rates and with no shipping fees. We do not manage their shipping or order processing. We take the order, send it to them and they manage all of their products.

  19. You are correct I ordered from So sorry I did and did not order from this website. Oh well, I cancelled my order so once the money is returned into my account I will reorder.

    Thank you for getting back to me.

  20. I order hot buns for my daughter last week from the official website and it cost me $29.00 for just three hot buns. I just google for hot buns and click into your website Toptvstuff and realize I got ripped off big time from the official website, so I immediately called the official hot buns and I was able to cancel my order because the product was back order..THANK GOD!!! So I just placed an order with Toptvstuff for ONLY $14.99 NO shipping cost and tax was $.60.

  21. Awesome price!!! Love the free shipping oppose to going on the actual hotbuns website and getting billed for two separate shippings! I’m addicted to Yuu our site oppose to the direct company! Awesome website!

  22. People,

    I read most of your comments and I see you are so confused about where you bought the buns from.
    On this site they cost $14.99 free shipping, on the commercial site is like $10 + $7.95 twice for shipping.
    What’s so hard to get it and understand where you buy from??? LOL

  23. ATTN: People it doesn’t matter who you order from it is still the same crapy product. Trust me when I say they are not for hair it is very damageing to it I have them and use them for pot and pan scrubbers. It tears your hair it is velcro to your hair and does not come out smoothly I had to loose five inches of my hair which was down past the middle of my back. Anyone who orders this when you get it you will all see it is simply plastic brillo pads and sticky as velcro. Do not buy this from eithor site. We are in the process of sending several complaints to the manufactiour. If you love your hair BUYER BEWARE!!!!

    • Hi Elizabeth – I checked all Hot Buns orders for December and have nothing under your name. You can reach us directly by private messaging our Facebook page – and let me know the date you ordered, the last name you used to place the order and the zip code. Thanks!

  24. EXTREEEEEEMLY happy with this product and after reading the previous reviews I’m even more grateful I ordered them from The only concern is how long do you have to leave the bun in for your hair to curl. I put my hair up, let it stay in overnight (for about 6 hrs) took my hair down in the morning and…zero curl. My hair was actually very straight. Does it have to be wet to work because as an African American woman I’m not going to sleep with wet hair…that’s a no-go. But other than that great product and I’m completely satisfied!! Thanks top tv stuff!!

    • Hi Brittany – Have you tried putting a little product in it before you put it up? Maybe some kind of very light gel or mousse, then put it up. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

  25. I brought Hotbuns from there main website and at the bottom of the page it says “Buy two Hot Buns™ hair accessories in both sizes – small and large in your choice of color – light or dark for only $10 plus $7.95 P&H. We’ll send you a second set of two Hot Buns™ hair accessories in the same color for FREE—just pay additional $7.95 P&H! As a special web bonus, we’ll send you two more Hot Buns™ hair accessories in hollywood size, absolutely FREE! You get six Hot Buns™ hair accessories in all! Plus, you receive a bonus Style Guide!” So i brought 2 hotbuns like they said and i payed s&h so does that mean i get a second set free plus hollywood size? pleas respond am just kinda confused. thanks

    • Hi Janice – We actually don’t manage the offer on that website, but yes, that reads like you will get 6 Hot Buns for $25.90. If you selected a QUANTITY of two, you’ll have doubled your order – which means 12 at double the price. I can’t give you much more detail since that is not our website, but you can try calling the customer service information on their page. Hope that helps!

  26. Well i got the hotbuns today……………and……I LOVE IT!!!!!!!:) and i brought 2 hotbuns and got 9!! the hotbuns are huge and i just love it thank you even though it not the sight i brought it from but thanks!

  27. i ordered this product about a week and half ago but i forgot to write down my order number, is there a way to retrieve it? my card was charged 2 days after order but when i check my bank account the date it was charged changes everytime, last time i checked it said 1/24/13 (which wasnt what it was originally) then i checked again this morning and it said 1/25/13. is this a common issue? i thought my card wouldnt be charged until item was shipped but if the date keeps changing is that false? is this an order error or should i talk to my bank?

  28. This product is complete crap. It LITERALLY feels like a piece of Velcro stuck in your hair. Someone else who commented made the analogy of the Hot Buns resembling and feeling like a Brillo pad in your hair. And that is EXACTLY what it feels like! It doesn’t work. Don’t bother buying. I got this as a gift but I am definitely returning and having the person get their money back. I can’t believe this company thinks they can scam and manipulate people.

    • Hi, yes, you buy 3 and get 3 free. It is a total of 6.
      What’s In The Box?
      2 Small – for short hair & half-up styles
      2 Medium – classic buns for any occasion
      2 Large – full glamorous buns

  29. This is crap! It doesn’t work and there are other comments saying the same! Any buyer should know it makes a cute bun but trying to get it out is ridiculous. It doesn’t curl either. Do not buy this crappy hair peice especially for the price you have to pay!! DO NOT BUY!

  30. I bought HotBuns and I am disappointed in this product. The tv ad is simply not true in reference to HotBuns. THe simple roll, snap, and wrap did not work as advertised. I had to use multiple accesories just to hold the HotBun in place.

    I am also upset with the quality condition it came in. It looked as though it had been used multiple times. The snap also has broke multiple times without even being touched. The snap also didn’t let the hair move around it, therefor making a hideous bun. The ponytail built-in accesory did not hold. I could not jump without it falling out. The “have volumized bouncy curls didn’t work at all. I would not recommend this product.

  31. I am trying to buy the product using the Top TV Stuff website, but when I click on the product it says it’s “not available.” Why is this? Are they sold out? Can I no longer purchase one from this website?

  32. Do not buy this product! They don’t work on long (mid-back length) hair. We paid $20 for 2 sets, and were billed $31.80 (non-refundable) for shipping. Customer service was not helpful. This offer is a totally unethical ripoff. This company should go out of business for its shady marketing and inferior product.

  33. DO NOT GET THESE!! They are cheap little pieces of foam crap that do not work!! They are REALLY hard to get in and once you do, you cant smooth your hair around the whole piece, also, it hangs. They are ridiculous!! Waste of money and takes FOREVER to get these hair ripping little hunks of junk out!! I hate when people invent crap that doesnt work and make it sound like the greatest thing ever!! You are whats wrong with this country!!! These are CRAP!!!

  34. Maybe you should go buy it from the store for $10.. I did and now I’m rocking my bun everyday.