Flex Seal Brite Review

Not to brag, but I’m rather handy around the house. Just a few weekends ago I was up on an extension ladder fixing a hole in my siding. It took awhile to ensure that I had a good seal before I got to walk on solid ground again, and I’m seriously wishing I had known more about Flex Seal and Flex Seal Brite before I used another product to stop water in the siding.

Fix a gutter leak in secondsWhen I saw a commercial recently for Flex Seal Brite I was overjoyed! This is the sort of thing I need around the house. I’m blessed with a house bursting with character and personality which means it’s certainly not new and it has endless repairs and necessary upgrades. Being able to stop leaks instantly with liquefied rubber would definitely make my world a better place – as I’m sure it would yours as well.

Liquid rubber in a can

Unlike so many different products that claim to be special blends of amazing sounding substances, Flex Seal Brite is simple to describe – it’s white rubber that sprays out of a can. Already you’re probably picturing many uses. The liquid rubber sprays out smoothly and it cures into a flexible, sturdy patch of rubber over just about anything.

It’s easier to apply than caulk and works in virtually all of the same situations, but without the mess or necessary replacement. You can use Flex Seal Brite to seal doors and windows against the weather, to patch fountains or planters or even to fix the roof (or siding, as I wish I had done.)

How Flex Seal Brite works

Flex Seal Brite is a specially treated rubber that sprays easily from a can. Unlike many spray foams, the can is storable and can be used multiple times. When the Flex Seal is sprayed, it produces a thick seal that instantly coats the surface you’re spraying.

While waterproof almost instantly, the Flex Seal is best when allowed to dry and cure for about twenty-four hours. After it cures, it is paintable as well. You can even block overspray by using simple painter’s tape and removing it quickly after spraying before the product dries.

Watch the Infomercial

Here is the official infomercial for Flex Seal Brite, as seen on television. This gives you a quick overview of the product, how it works and the best uses.

The best parts of Flex Seal Brite

Flex Seal Brite is special for many reasons. It is a water-tight seal that lasts. It doesn’t chip away or flake away as foam can.

Once the rubber is cured, it can flex, fold or even freeze without any adverse reactions – the rubber doesn’t shrink or stretch and it doesn’t break or crack.

The original Flex Seal, which is also available through this site, was produced in black. Now in white, Flex Seal Brite is able to blend easily with lighter surfaces.

The beauty of the new white finish is that it can also be painted to match any surface.

What the “handyman in a can” won’t tell you

It’s natural to wonder what you’re getting into with an online product. The case of Flex Seal, however, you’re getting exactly what the manufacturer claims. This is a can of rubber that stops leaks and repels water easily. There are independent tests and reviews online that verify this time and time again.

One other thing a can of Flex Seal won’t tell you is specifics about curing and drying times. It’s best to allow twenty-four hours for curing according to those who have tried Flex Seal for independent reviews.

Trying Flex Seal Brite

If you’re facing a leaky roof or gutters, why not try Flex Seal Brite and see how quickly and easily you can fix things without spending hours balancing precariously on an extension ladder the way I had to when I tackled siding. You can order Flex Seal Brite online through TopTVStuff, and when you order you can rely on a 30 day money-back guarantee and enjoy free shipping as well.

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