FabriClear™ Bed Bugs Spray

Nobody wants to think about them, but bug beds are the real deal – and they may be more common than you imagine. In fact, major cities are reporting an increase in the number of bed bug cases occurring around the United States and bed bugs have been an ongoing problem in many countries for years. Personally, I’m disgusted just thinking of the gross that lives inside a mattress.

Bed bugFortunately you don’t have to stay home or sleep on a sheet of plastic to protect yourself. There are many ways to destroy bed bugs and the other icky critters that appear in the places where we sleep or rest – both at home and away. Perhaps the easiest of these, however, is the FabriClear™ spray system.

Simple bed bug solution

As the news has reported countless times it seems, bed bugs are breaking out in hotels, businesses and even in brand new mattresses. It’s enough to make you feel sick thinking about the possibilities when you lay down to try and rest at the end of the day. Fortunately you can rest easily thanks to a handy solution in a simple white spray bottle. FabriClear™ works on contact with bed bugs making it possible to kill and stop the spread of the pests with a quick round of spray.

Watch the Infomercial

Here is the official infomercial for Fabriclear, as seen on television. This gives you a quick overview of the product, how it works and the best uses.

Getting rid of bed bugs

It begs the question – if bed bugs are so easy to get rid of why do they present a problem? The answer is simple – most people don’t realize just how prevalent bed bugs and dust mites are. If they don’t realize that the occasional itchy red bite comes from bed bugs – not a rouge mosquito – they aren’t going to try and get rid of the yucky bugs.

But by taking simple precautions and spraying FabriClear™ on all soft surfaces where the bugs might accumulate, you’re able to kill the insects on contact. Spray down the sofa, rug, pillows and fabrics as well as the mattress itself. Allow the spray to dry and any bugs waiting to cause problems will be dead.

Good news about FabriClear

There are two very good things going for FabriClear™ . The first is that the spray cleaner is simple to use and effective on contact. That means you don’t have to bag the mattress or do any type of deep sterilization to get rid of pests. Just spray, dry and you’re good to go. The other great thing about the spray is that it is entirely nontoxic. There’s no sense spraying your bed and sheets with a chemical that can hurt you, so it’s excellent news that the spray will wipe out bugs without causing you harm as well.

Concerns about bed bugs

As I’ve learned more about FabriClear ™ and how it works, one major concern has sprung up – and it’s truly just an “ick” factor. Once the spray kills the bed bugs and dust mites, they are still very much in your mattress and sheets. It stands to reason that after spraying for bugs and allowing the spray to dry and work, you might scrub down the mattress and wash the sheets to remove any remaining residue or byproducts. I imagine at that point, you really will have a clean, refreshing place to sleep.

Buying FabriClear

FabriClear is available through the TopTVStuff website – and it’s ideal for the travel season of the holidays. For $35.95, your order of FabriClear™ contains two 16-oz bottles of the non-toxic cleanser as well as two 2-oz bottles for travels. These small bottles are ideally designed to take with you on trips over the holidays and year round – they are refillable as well from the large bottles if you handle the product carefully. Order through TopTVStuff and all four of the FabriClear™ bottles are sent with free shipping as well, making the FabriClear™ bed bugs spray an excellent value giving you great peace of mind.

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