Frugal Bathroom Makeovers

The cheapest thing you can do to makeover any room in your home is to organize it. But if you are after a little more than that, check out these ideas on how to makeover the bathrooms in your home without investing a fortune in money or time.

Mirror, Mirror

photo of a jacuzzi tubOne of the most eye-catching changes you can make in your bathroom is to switch out that standard (boring) mirror that your bathroom most likely has now. Look at home goods stores or thrift stores for a framed mirror that matches your style. For an even easier approach – frame out the mirror that is currently gracing the wall of your bathroom. Buy crown molding and have it cut to size, paint it to match your room (seal the wood so it won’t warp from humidity that is common to all of our bathrooms) and voila.

Shower Curtains

If you have an open tub or shower that requires a curtain, versus a glass door, then replace your existing curtain to improve the look of your space. If you have a small bathroom, consider a lighter color to make the room feel larger.


It’s very simple to replace the hardware on cabinets and drawers – and this always has instant impact. If you aren’t intimidated by bathroom fixtures(or know someone who considers themselves an expert at DIY home projects), change out the faucets and fixtures for an updated look – and most likely it will improve their function considering how quickly bathroom fixtures manage to get corroded. Don’t forget to change your shower head if it’s seen better days.


First things first, remove the clutter from your bathroom. Clean out the medicine cabinet, linen closet, under the sink, drawers and anywhere else in the bathroom where clutter has started to build up. Be brutal – what do you really need in the bathroom everyday? Consolidate shampoo bottles, throw out products that you no longer use or that have expired. Check out my post on organizing your medicine and first aid supplies for some great tips. Depending on the size of your bathroom and taking in to consideration who needs access to these items, you might want to move them to the kitchen or hallway linen closet.

Need some more inspiration?

Check out these amazing DIY renovations:

Diane at In My Own Style completely transformed her bathroom – the beadboard and molding are amazing.

I love this renovation project from Darby at Fly Through Our Window – she worked WITH the bright orange countertops in their bathroom and the finished project is modern and inviting. Well done. Check out the rest of her renovation projects while your are on her site.

If you ever need inspiration to beautify AND organize your bathroom (or any space in your home) than turn to Jen at I Heart Organizing. With some small changes to her bathroom it just looks so inviting and relaxing.

Brooke at Spruce Your Nest used Pinterest as inspiration to makeover her bathroom in her rental home. I love the baskets on the wall for storage!

Curbly has a master bathroom makeover for under $500 and I am in love with it. The shower curtain is perfect – looks very “summer beach cottage.” Or how about a bathroom makeover for under $25? $25!!

Most importantly, have fun (and be safe with the tools).

One Response to “Frugal Bathroom Makeovers

  1. I like these tips but the last one does not seem frugal to me as they suggest throwing out your old expired products, what I do is use products I don’t like; like shampoos for cleaning my home they do just as well as cleaners you buy and smell better too, I also if I have have too many bottles of shampoo not used to save on space I just tip the other bottles of shampoo into one bottle and use for cleaning my home, works just the same.