Crock Pot Cooking

Crock Pot cooking is quite convenient. You can just prep your food, put it in the Crock Pot, set it, and go on about your business. Depending on what you’re cooking, you may need to change the setting a time or two, but even if you have to go somewhere, as long as your spouse or a kid is at home, you can just call them and have them do it. Don’t hang up the phone until they’ve done it, though. You don’t want them to forget after the call. Not only is Crock Pot cooking convenient, but it’s also delicious. Meat in particular will be as tender as it is in any other cooking method, if not more so.

photo of slow cooked barbecue chickenBarbecued Chicken Legs

Barbecued chicken legs are a good example of how tender your meat can be when it’s cooked in a Crock Pot, and they couldn’t be easier to make. Begin by placing your chicken in the Crock Pot, making sure that no piece is covering another. What’s extra convenient about this recipe is that you don’t even have to defrost your chicken! You’ll just let the entrée cook longer. After you’ve placed the chicken in the Crock Pot, cover with barbecue sauce. You can either make your own or use a premade bottle. Cook on high for 3-4 hours or on low for 6-8, turning each piece at least once while cooking.

Scrumptious Chicken

This recipe is a little more complicated than the last one, but not by much. Start with several pieces of chicken in the crockpot. As with the previous recipes, you don’t need to thaw the meat. Boneless skinless chicken breasts work best for this dish. In a mixing bowl, stir together one can of cream of mushroom soup, one packet of dry French onion soup mix, and eight ounces of sour cream. Pour this mixture over the chicken, and cook for the same times as the barbecue chicken. You should turn each piece halfway through the cooking, and serve over rice or mashed potatoes. The leftover sauce makes excellent gravy.


A lot of people are surprised by this, because it isn’t a typical crockpot recipe, but you can actually make cornbread in your Crock Pot, too! You just use a box of cornbread mix combined with an egg and a third of a cup of milk. Spray your Crock Pot with nonstick cooking spray, or use a Crock Pot liner.  Pour in the batter, cover, and cook on high for 1-2 hours. If moisture is an issue, cover the top of the Crock Pot with a clean rag before you put the lid on.


You can make dessert in a Crock Pot. It’s true, and it’s delicious! You can make cheesecake in the Crock Pot and impress everyone. Start with your favorite cheesecake recipe. There are tons of variations, so pick the one you find the tastiest! Now, find a pie dish or cake tin that will fit into your Crock Pot. If you have a round one, this will be easy. If you have a trickier oval version, try using several ramekins to make mini-cheesecakes. Put enough water in the Crock Pot to cover some of the sides of the dish without splashing over into the cheesecake mixture. This is called a water bath. Cover (using the rag trick to eliminate moisture), and cook on high for two to three hours. Next, leave the cheesecake in the Crock Pot for an hour before transferring it to the refrigerator for two hours. Then, enjoy your dessert!

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